What to see in Lisbon (Tips and recommendations)


It's time to guess what to see inLisbon. We have the suitcases ready to enjoy a weekend in the Portuguese capital and we still have doubts about the places that we must not miss. Today we try to solve all these questions, compiling what in our humble opinion we have found the most captivating sites, among monuments, viewpoints, restaurants, ..., etc.

What to see in Lisbon

What to see in Lisbon (15 unique places)

2 days may not be enough to travel Lisbon, even more so if we try to visit it in winter when daylight hours mean that we cannot enjoy it as much as we want. Still we will get a good idea of ​​what the city can bring us, both culturally and gastronomically, because the latter begins to be one of the main tourist attractions.

From Travel for free we recommend a series of places that you should not miss, whether you visit with friends or as a couple. Surely we fall short, but with this you will get a good idea of ​​what you can see. Lisbon It is an open city that has a lot of charm. Therefore and without further ado we will comment below what to see in Lisbon.

1 St. George's Castle

Not because it is the first one we cite is the most important and interesting monument. Perhaps the mere fact that it is seen from much of Lisbon , by standing on top of one of its hills, it has become an icon. Today your ticket costs € 10 (2019), with a 30% discount if you have the Lisboa Card and why I comment on this ... it's simply because less than 10 years ago it was free, tourism stuff.

St. George's Castle

2 Lisbon viewpoints

The city of Lisbon being located enters several hills, is a place where dozens of viewpoints inhabit that point in all directions. Saying which is our favorite is complicated, but if we can recommend the Viewpoints of San Pedro de Alcantara, Santa Luzia, Sophia de Mello (next to the Graça church) and that of Saint Vincent, not forgetting his own St. George's Castle.

Lisbon viewpoints

He San Pedro viewpoint It is next to Glory Elevator, however the other two are in the surroundings of the Castle.

3 Carmo convent

Headquarters of archaeological museum of Carmo, this old convent was destroyed following the great Lisbon earthquake It happened in the year 1755. Today there are hardly any walls and part of its vault, but most of the roof is exposed, showing its large size.

Carmo convent

4 Tower of Bethlehem or Belem

Symbol of Portuga Tourisml, the bethlehem tower It is an icon of the Lisbon city. Located in the neighborhood of Bethlehem, we can reach it by tram from the Commerce Square or even by train. The tower was used to collect taxes on navigators who came to the city through the Tagus River. Today its access has a cost of € 6, there being a combined one to enter the Monastery of los jeronimos and at National Archeology Museum at a cost of € 16.

Belem Tower

5 The elevators of the city

So much funicular As elevators, it gives us an idea of ​​the amount of slopes the city has. This type of transport is still used today, although it is the tourists who use it most, especially in the Santa Justa elevator.

Funiculars and Trams

We recommend the glory elevator, he Bica elevator and that of Lavra. Perhaps the worst is to pay more than € 3 which costs for 2 minutes of travel.

6 Sé Cathedral

Located halfway up a steep slope towards the viewpoint of Santa Luzia and at St. George's Castle, the Sé Cathedral It is probably the most important church in the city, along with that of the Jeronimos. Admission is free, but if we want to admire the cloister where there are some old roman settlements You have to pay an approximate amount of € 3.5.

Sé Cathedral

7 The squares of Lisbon

Lisbon is full of places, all dressed in their best clothes. The Commerce Square, Figueira square, Dom Pedro IV square and the Empire Square in Belem, there are several of his examples that also will not cost you much to find them walking through the center.

Lisbon Squares

8 The bridge of April 25

The omnipresent April 25 bridge Curiously, it is a toll in only one of its senses. Everyone resembles it with the San Francisco bridge orGolden gate, but the reality is that the architect who designed it, was based on another bridge in the Californian city and not the most famous.

April 25 Bridge

To get to it, it is best to take a boat from the subway / train station of Cais do Sodre. It is very cheap, less than € 2 and once we reach the other side of the river (Calcihas), we take a bus that leaves us in the same square where the statue of Christ the King, similar to Christ redeemer from Rio de Janeiro, but personally I think it is not worth it.

9 The Rua do Augusta

Is the shopping street par excellence that we will take as a reference in the center of Lisbon. We will go through it countless times, connecting the best places through its innumerable arteries.

Lisbon streets

10 The monument to discoveries

A short distance from the train station of Bethlehem, which gives its name to the neighborhood where there is, we will find this monument at the foot of the Tagus River and very close to the acclaimed Bethlehem Tower and of Monastery of los jeronimos. It was built in the early 1960s to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Henry the navigator.

Monument to the discoveries

11 The Jeronimos Monastery

Situated in Belem, is another of the essential visits of Lisbon. More information on Wikipedia. Its access has a cost of € 6, there being a combined one to enter the Bethlehem Tower and at National Archeology Museum at a cost of € 16.

Wikipedia photo

12 Stroll through its streets

It is a pleasure to tour the center. No need to plan for a route through Lisbon, since the ideal is to get lost in its streets. Nor is it difficult to locate, trying to have the south Tagus river and two hills located in the east and west.

Stroll through Lisbon

Everything else is to get carried away by your imagination and, if possible, a small map. Try to blindly discover what to see in Lisbon It can be a little adventure that won't let you down.

Lisbon streets

13 The Vasco de Gama bridge

It was once the longest bridge in Europe, until the Danes built an even longer one. This marvel of engineering crosses the Tagus River over a stretch of more than 12 kilometers, earning 30 minutes to the inhabitants of both sides. It is located in the area of ​​the Lisbon Expo.

Vasco de Gama Bridge

14 The Lisbon Expo area

Behind the Lisbon Expo, numerous buildings were left unused, becoming luxury hotels, casinos and even homes. One of the most visited places is the tower of Myriad Hotel, with a fancy restaurant that sees all the Tagus river. Another interesting place is theLisbon Oceanographic.

Lisbon Expo

If you have time, there are many things to see in Lisbon in the Expo area.

15 Lisbon Oriente Station

Designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and finished to be one of the icons of the Lisbon Expo. Still standing ...

Oriente Station

Practical data on Lisbon

When to go to Lisbon?

Lisbon being located at the west end of the Iberian Peninsula is usually influenced by the anticyclone of the Azores enjoying mild temperatures even in winter. Rarely do they reach 0 degrees in the colder months, nor do extreme heat waves suffer in summer. Perhaps the ideal is to visit it in low season, when the influx of tourists is low. In Holy Week for example we must wait in line in many places.

Airport Transfers

If you do not want to haggle and want to go comfortably and safely from the airport to Lisbon, we recommend that you hire a transfer from the airport. It is not expensive and worth it.

How to move?

Lisbon It is a small city which can be traveled for the most part on foot. Public transport is not very expensive, costing for example a cab from the airport to the center about € 15 / € 16 and the rest of the journeys with an average of € 6. The subway costs around € 1.80 one way and this cost will vary depending on the areas you choose. This ticket is valid for buses, metro, trams and even some river transport. By the way to buy any ticket, you must have a rechargeable card that costs € 0.50 (Live viagem) that will be sold to you at the ticket offices or ATMs of the station.

For a few years, the Tuk tuks in Lisbon Those 3-wheel bikes very common in Southeast Asia. Its use is especially used to climb the steep hills of the city, such as the one that goes up to the Castle of San Jorge.

How to get to Lisbon?

2 are the main means of transportation to reach Lisbon. One is the plane and you can find tickets for € 70 with the local company Tap. Another option is to arrive by train from the night train that leaves from Madrid.

Where to eat in Lisbon?

Leaving Portugal without trying the cod It can be considered a crime. There are many places to taste it, but if you want to go for a shot, we recommend the following restaurants in Lisbon :

  • 100 Ways : Portuguese cuisine with touches Yugoslavians (not sure that the chef gets mosquea ...), making it one of the city's trendy restaurants. A success.
  • Gambrinus : a classic of the city, with high prices but good food without a doubt.
  • Ramiro Brewery : economical with exquisite seafood. They do not accept reservations.

And Belen's cakes?

These cakes have become a must. Tasting them is a pleasure and you can buy them at any bakery. However there are 2 places where its flavor is above the rest. The first is Pasteis de Belem in the Rua de Belem, very close to Monastery of los jeronimos, which is the most famous bakery. From Travel by free we recommend another and in our opinion richer and is the bakery located in the Rua do Loreto just when it joins with the Luis de Camóes square.

Lisbon guided tours

If you want to have a guide and tell you to the smallest detail the charms of Lisbon:

Guided tour of what to see in Lisbon

Excursions from Lisbon

Many excursions can be made from Lisbon and simply by taking the train. Two examples are Sintra and the luxurious Cascais, both just 1 hour from the city.

Excursion to Sintra and Cascais + Pena Palace

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Lisboa Card

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