What to see on the island of La Palma (The beautiful island)


Laisla de la Palma has always been a magnet for us next to the island of La Gomera and La Hierro. He has always invited us to discover what to see on Isla de la Palma. He National Park of the Caldera de Taburiente with that wonderful observatory calledBoys roque, the Route of the Volcanoes, which covers the south, and that coast so steep and almost inaccessible make it a different island, an island to discover. Among the things to do in La Palma, activities such as trekking, its volcanic landscape, the Canarian gastronomy and for being one of the quietest and most beautiful islands of all the Canary Islands.

What to see on the island of La Palma

Knowing the island of La Palma

The island of La Palma is a perfect island to cover between 4 days and one week quietly. It is not a very large island, but its orography and mountain roads make it a bit slow to travel. From north to south it can take between an hour and a half and two hours. Driving for her is constantly driving in a Mountain's Port, a rise and fall for those who like to drive and a small trauma for those who suffer a little vertigo or laziness slow roads.

Taburiente boiler
Boys roque

Reach certain Beaches It is sometimes a feat. True, the island of La Palma It is not an island of beaches, if not of volcanoes and mountains, and the few beaches it has are largely inaccessible, although they exist as Santa Cruz (artificial),Mug cut and many natural pools almost on foot of parking.

South cliffs
Taburiente Beach

The beautiful island is an island for those they love hiking, the landscape and tranquility. It is one of the least visited islands of all the Canary Islands, since it is not an island called tourism and beach, if not quite the opposite. There is only one great resort, the Palma Princess to the south of the island, and lacks a beach, you do not need it since it has postcard pools.

La Palma Island from north to south

We have divided into three areas the things to see in La Palma, that after three trips something has remained in our memories :). The east coast, the west coast or the hilly and volcanic interior of the island.

Being a very mountainous island, it is the case that in the east it can be sunny and in the west shade depending on the position of the sun

1 The interior of the island of La Palma

The interior or the heart of the island is undoubtedly the National Park of the Caldera de Taburiente or the Natural Park of the Cumbre Vieja, where the famous volcano route is located.

Taburiente boiler

It is the crown jewel of the island, where the National Park. Undoubtedly, it is one of the things to see on the island of La Palma, although you have to climb the dozens of curves and that endless mountain pass to reach the emblematic Boys roque, with 2,446m. In addition to Roque and the astrophysical center With one of the most important telescopes in the world, the interior of the boiler is a vergel of fauna and flora. We recommend that you make the route that starts from the Los Brecitos Viewpoint going through the Waterfall of Colors and the overwhelming Barranco de las Angustias. This downhill route, about 16km, is simply spectacular.

Caldera de Taburiente Route
Caldera de Taburiente Route

Tilos Forest

Another of the places to see on the island of La Palma is the Biosphere Reserve from the Tilos Forest. It is one of the few ecosystems of Macaronesian laurasilva of the world. Highlights the spectacular waterfall which is near the visitor center and the recreation area, and the route of the Nascent of Marcos and Cordero, which is accessed via taxi since it is not circular, for € 15 per person. Walking through these places is like being in a tropical, fairytale forest, with lots of water and abundant vegetation. Besides, there are numerous canals and tunnels to be able to access the ravine through the mountain.

Tilos Forest

Cumbrecita Viewpoint

It is one of the most popular viewpoints of the Caldera de Taburiente and the starting point for several routes on the island. As a viewpoint, it is not one of the prettiest. The views from the route of the volcanoes from the Roque de los Muchachos are more spectacular, but it is one of the most visited points of the island. In high season You have to book to be able to arrive by car by calling the National Park, since the parking does not admit more than 10 or 15 cars.

Cumbrecita Viewpoint

Route of the Volcanoes

We talked at the time about the Route of the Volcanoes, a route that goes through the center of the island to the south traveling the most beautiful volcanoes on the island, a hiking trail that is a TO-DO for mountain lovers and good routes. The spectacular views They are insured.

Route of the Volcanoes
Route of the Volcanoes

The San Antonio Volcano and the Teneguía

To the south of the island are these two spectacular volcanoes, a landscape very different from the north of the island and something to see on the island of La Palma. The first one is of access prior payment, the second one of free access. He I had It is the last volcano that erupted on the island in 1971.

Trail in the Teneguía

2 The East Coast of La Palma

The east coast of the island of La Palma is where the capital is located, Santa Cruz de la Palma, the pools of Charco Azul and La Fajana and the most beautiful beach on the whole island, the Nogales Beach, a wild beach in a "hostile" but privileged environment.

Pools of the Fajana

Bigger and something less traveled than those of Charco Azul, these pools are an ideal place to go for a swim in the absence of beaches in the north. Being embedded in rock and being seawater, it is convenient to carry sneakers since the ground is rocky and can slide.

Pools of the Fajana

Blue puddle

If it weren't for the amount of people that meet in high season or in good weather, these pools would be a authentic lujazo. Their blue color makes them spectacular, as well as being integrated by the sea. Let's take care of them…

Blue Puddle

Nogales Beach

If it is not the prettiest, it is one of them and for us it is one of the beaches that must be seen on the island of La Palma. Even if you have to go down a path with much pending to access it is worth it for its beauty. Lying on the beach with a impressive cliff behind you is overwhelming. The only bad thing, the currents and the water, which is very dangerous. It is not suitable for bathing, unless you want to appear in Cuba ...

Nogales Beach

Santa Cruz de la Palma

The capital of the island is a small city, easy to visit, with small squares and few museums. Of the city they emphasize the balconies on the seafront, the Spain Square, of Renaissance cut and the O'Daly street, which crosses the old part of the city and is the popular shopping street.

Santa Cruz de la Palma

Lighthouse and Salinas de Fuencaliente

The Fuencaliente Lighthouse is the Lighthouse further south of the island and end point of the hiking trail of the volcanoes. Apart from the things to see in La Palma, next to the lighthouse, are the salt flats. Small and with some unique sunset colors, and that make them one of the best views of the island. By the way, next to them there is an ideal restaurant to stop to eat, the Garden of Salt.

Salinas de Fuencaliente

Go at dusk, it's a sight to see the sun disappear

3 The West Coast of La Palma

The west coast of La Palma is possibly the most colorful and prettiest of the entire island. To the north, almost inaccessible ravines with villages as picturesque as Poris de Candelaria, beaches how Green Puddle or La Veta beach to the south. North canyon landscapes, southern purely volcanic landscape, with sandy beaches and black rock.

Naos Port

This place is the Torrevieja or The Christians of the palm. Numerous apartments and a small promenade tailored to tourists, next to an accessible beach, well maintained and with all kinds of services.

The green puddle

South of Puerto Naos is Charco Verde, a beautiful rehabilitated beach ideal for bathing, doing snorkel just to spend the day on one of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast.

Green Puddle

The row

It is a small fishing town with several restaurants and beach bars. Beyond the views of the sea and at the end of the cliffs, its main attraction is to eat a good fish next to the roar of the waves. You we recommend the Kiosk 7, by the sea and with first class dishes.

The oars

Mug cut

Next to Santa Cruz de la Palma, it is one of the larger locations of the island. There is a marina and a long beach very accessible. From the port they leave daily boats to travel different points of the west coast as Beautiful Cave, Poris de Candelaria or La Veta Beach as well as sighting of dolphins or cetaceans.

Council, make sure do not take boats that are very full, the experience is lost and becomes a journey of elbows and stomps

Pretty cave

Spectacular cave with two entrances only accessible from the sea. Since Mug cut You leave boats full of tourists to see different places on the west coast of the island, including the beautiful Cave.

Poris de Candelaria

This little "bastion" of fishermen is the Most beautiful "town" on the island. Without a doubt, it is one of the places to see in La Palma. It also has a great place to bathe.

Poris de Candelaria

To access it you have to go down a winding road and if you are lucky, you can park in the small parking lot next to the cliff.

La Veta Beach

It is one of the most steep and spectacular beaches. This under a cliff next to some picturesque houses of local people. To access it you have to go down a long section along a cliff. The return, hard, but the good, sometimes, you have to work it ...

If you go with your family, do not forget to visit the small zoo ofMaroparque, where animals will see them very closely by runners for each type of fauna

Practical data

How to get?

It can be reached by ship to the island with Naviera Armas., Fred Olsen or Trasmediterranea or by plane with companies like Iberia, which has increased flights in recent years.

When to go?

The Canary Islands enjoy good weather all year, so any time of the year is good to visit the island of La Palma.


The best way to tour the island is in rental car. In the Canary Islands, the Cicar company stands out, which operates on all the islands. You can search for the best prices through deRentalcars.

Where to eat?

These three restaurants don't failSimply the best and some with good prices.

  • The Placita food & place near the Blue Pond
  • Kiosk 7 in the oar
  • The Salt Garden Theme Restaurant in the Salinas de Fuencaliente

Where to sleep?

Puerto Naos is a Torrevieja or Los Cristianos type, without glamor but full of cheap apartments. Santa Cruz is a good place to stay, because it has many services and a good location to visit the island. It is best to stay in the center, whether in the east or west premiere, in order to always have the same distance to visit any enclave of the island, but key, will depend on the type of accommodation you are looking for.

  • La Palma Princess Resort. Located to the south, it is the largest hotel with the most spectacular pool of the island. Ideal to go with family and disappear from the world :).
  • Attic the Marina, in Santa Cruz.
  • Villa Torres, with pool and 3 bedrooms
  • La Caleta Apartments, a good price and with pool
  • B&B Friends of nature. Very basic, but very cheap