What to see in Ronda (Places to visit, Tapeo and recommended hotels)


Malaga is a province of contrasts. Among its fantastic beaches, the spectacular Camino del Rey or El Torcal de Antequera, the town of Los Smurfs of Juzcar and the things to see in Ronda, it is certainly a perfect place to visit and go on vacation. But among all these places there is a town that stands out above all others, and that is Ronda, a town of vertigo, tapas and alleys that take away the hiccups of anyone.

What to see in Ronda

Visiting Ronda

Ronda is an easy city for a walk, even if it is one of those cities invaded by tourism. People usually go by car and park, except in parking or at the bottom is almost a feat, so do not hesitate, go to one of these two places and do not complicate.


Touring the city allows you to enjoy the old arabic medina, the walls and contemplate the breathtaking views of theGuadaleví-n River. Walk slowly, unhurriedly and discover those corners and monuments while one replenishes forces by taking tapas priceless. Ronda can be seen perfectly in one morning and there are 10 places that yes or yes you have to visit.

Finally, Ronda was one of the popular shelters of the popular Ernest Hemingwey orOrson Welles and that is why there is a monument next to the Bullring dedicated to the latter that says, “A man is not where he is born but where he chooses to die". His ashes were deposited in Ronda, at the Recreo de San Cayetano.

Ronda Walls
Orson Welles in Ronda

10 places you have to know

Everyone who visits Ronda has to visit these places, although some of them, such as the Mirador del Puente Nuevo, which we recommend you get off by car or do it first, then park in a parking lot in the upper area. In summer the sun sets and going up and down is very, very hard.

  1. New Bridge Viewpoint
  2. Viewpoint of the Alameda del Tajo
  3. Aldehuela viewpoint
  4. Ronda viewpoint
  5. Palace of the Moorish King
  6. Bullring of the Royal Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda
  7. Church of Santa María la Mayor
  8. Carrera Espinel (Bars and shops)
  9. Ronda Walls
  10. Ronda Arab Baths

1 Viewpoint of the New Bridge

It is without a doubt the panoramic or the most taken picture from Ronda, the views from below of the New Bridge, a 120m high bridge from the 18th century. To get to the viewpoint, you have to go down a long slope, although you can drive down a road in bad conditions.

New Bridge Viewpoint

It's one of the things to do and see in Ronda, so if you don't go down, it's as if you hadn't been to Ronda :).

2 Viewpoint of the Alameda del Tajo

This 19th-century park with balconies and views of the Guadaleví-n River is a good place to rest as there are quite a few places with shade. Also, from this viewpoint you can walk through the walk of the English, remodeled in 2010, always with those views and those balconies hanging from the unique cliff of Ronda.

Viewpoint of the Alameda del Tajo

3 Viewpoint of the Aldehuela

This viewpoint is located at the back of the New Bridge, with another spectacular view, and conversely, it has other views towards the beautiful Canyon that traces theGuadaleví-n River. Also from here there are views of much of Ronda as well as the King Moro Palace. It is accessed from the same New Bridge.

Aldehuela viewpoint
Aldehuela viewpoint

4 Ronda Viewpoint

It is one of the most classic viewpoints and is connected to that of the Alameda del Tajo. His views are panoramic to the gorge and the mountains and from it you can access the terrace or the Parador de Ronda, although what stands out most about him are his views of the New Bridge and the possibility of lowering him to an intermediate zone.

Ronda viewpoint

5 Palace of the Moorish King

The Palace or Casa del Rey Moro is made up of three great elements. A Mulsulmana water mine, a Neomudejar-style house and a garden designed in the early 20th century byJean Nicolas Forestier. Since 1943 it is a National Monument and also of cultural interest.

6 Bullring of the Royal Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda

A classic of Ronda and that you will cross with it if you go walking among the viewpoints of Ronda. You can visit both the square and the museum, € 8 admission or guided tours for € 15, although the visit to the square will depend on whether there is a run or not, since then the entrance is separate.

Guided tour of the bullring

7 Church of Santa María la Mayor and Plaza Duquesa de Parcent

The church of Santa María la Mayor de Ronda of the thirteenth century, named collegiate by the king Fernando the Catholic, is built on the old mosque and still retains remains of the mihrab.

Church of Santa María la Mayor
Church of Santa María la Mayor

8 Carrera Espinel (Bars and shops)

The Espinel Race is a pedestrian street full of shops and terraces. Ideal for having an ice cream in summer or a summer red wine. It is also the street with more stores, many of them franchise or international.

9 Walls of Ronda

On the other side of Ronda are the walls, a pleasant walk between ups and downs overlooking the new part of the city. On the stretch are the walls of Carmen, which although small, are in excellent condition. We recommend you walk them along the walkChefchaouen.

Ronda Walls
Ronda Walls

10 Arab Baths in Ronda

It is the best preserved Arab bath in the Iberian Peninsula. It is located in the Old Islamic Arrabal of the City, currently called San Miguel neighborhood. These bathrooms date from the thirteenth century and have the uniqueness of preserving its structure, the rooms and facilities that organized it.

Practical data

When to go?

Since Ronda is a highly demanded and therefore visited city, it would be best to avoid high season, both in summer, by the flow of visitors and the heat, as in Holy Week. In any case it is always better avoid heat, since being an easy city to travel then it is not so desperate to see so much tourism.

How to get?

By car

From Malaga it is accessed by the A-357 then take the A-367.

By train

It can also be reached by train from Malaga, Cordoba, Granada or Seville.

By bus

In the case of the bus there are several companies with the following routes:

  • CTSA-Portillo. Fuengirola, Marbella, Málaga, San Pedro Alcántara and Torremolinos
  • The yellow ones. Seville, Malaga, Grazalema, Olvera, Benaoján and Almargen
  • General Transportation Comes. Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Algeciras, Ubrique and Zahara de la Sierra
  • Lara buses. Júzcar, Pujerra and Faraján
  • Sierra de las Nieves coaches. Malaga, Coín and Setenil de las Bodegas

Where to eat or tapas?

Here you have some classics and others not so classic Ronda:

  • Bar la Lechugita, one of the classics that you have to go to tapas or eat
  • Maria House. A good place to eat
  • Santa Maria. With terrace and very detailed

Guided tours and Free Tours in Ronda

In the round there are many types of guided tours, some of them with gastronomic character.

See tours in Ronda

Where to sleep?

On accommodation, several some classic and some that you should ever visit:

  • Parador de Ronda. A classic next to the New Bridge
  • Catalonia Ronda. A hotel with a pool and spectacular views of the bullring
  • Ronda Moments Hotel. Away from the center, with pool and in a quiet environment
  • Apartment in the historic center. With parking and in the center

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