What to see in Valencia (8 places you have to visit)


Not many years ago Valencia It was considered a city of passage to reach some of its coastal villages that settle on the shore of the Mediterranean. Nowadays it is not like that, mainly because the city has been modernized with the construction of the City of Arts and Sciences, the port has been renovated and many of its streets have become pedestrian. With this we should mark in our agenda a visit to Valencia if we still do not know it.

City of Arts and Sciences - Valencia

Today we recommend some of the places we visit without belittling the rest of the interesting sites. A weekend may be enough, unless we enter all the museums and attractions that the city has.

What to see in Valencia

1 City of Arts and Sciences

Architectural wonder for some and fiasco for others. Visually it is spectacular, without a doubt, but the problems in its structures due to several floods and some defect in its construction have taken a toll on the coffers of the City. Today is from must visit and if we have the opportunity to enter any of its buildings, we will not be disappointed.

City of Arts and Sciences - Valencia

2 L'Oceanogràfic

It is probably the best and largest aquarium in Europe. The sensation that unites perceived when it crosses one of the crystal tunnels while sharks, rays and all kinds of fish swim around you is overwhelming. Make no mistake, we are the attraction of fish, because it gives the feeling of being really under the sea.

L'Oceanogràfic - Valencia

Another interesting place within the Oceanographic is where the Penguins. These cute animals nest in an underground fridge so they don't suffer from the bad weather of summer.

Finally, what particularly impressed me were the huge Belugas Swimming glued to the glass.

3 Valencia Cathedral

Located in the historic center is the Valencia Cathedral, in the Gothic Mediterranean style, although it contains elements of other styles. Your visit is free but if we want to enter Cathedral Museum It has a certain cost.

Valencia Cathedral

We recommend visiting The Chapel of the Holy Chalice, since in her one of the Chalice is found that presumably was in the hands of Jesus Christ.

4 Plaça Redona

Very close to the Cathedral, this curious completely round square is accessed through the San Vicente Race. Since its construction, it is surrounded by small shops where Sundays are accompanied by a very bohemian small market.

Plaça Redona - Valencia

5 Central Market and La Lonja de la Seda

Personally I am not a fan of visiting markets, mainly because seen one seen all. But it was worth visiting since it is housed in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. One thing that shocked me a lot is how clean it is and that there is hardly any fishy smell. Come on I could eat directly on the floor 😀

Valencia Market

6 Bullring

At the gates of the main train station of the city, is its Bullring, opened in 1859. It is one of the largest squares in the country.

Valencia Bullring

7 Serranos Towers

These two towers were part of the old medieval wall that surrounded Valencia. Like many other towers, it was used as a prison for more than 300 years. Today you can visit for only € 2.

8 Malvarrosa Beach

One of the urban beaches of the city, famous for its beach bars where you can enjoy a splendid paella.

Practical data

When to go?

Valencia enjoys a very pleasant climate to be located on the shore of the Mediterranean. When it rains in the rest of the Iberian Peninsula, you can enjoy a radiant sun in Valencia. Summer may become a bit humid, but its urban beaches quickly make us forget.

If we don't like the crowd, we should avoid the failures, developed during the month of March. Many of the streets are cut and it is very difficult to move around the city center.

How to get to Valencia?

It is a very well connected city. It has a stop of bird in the center of the city and an airport with quite frequent flights. From Madrid there is barely 3: 30h by car, not counting the possible traffic jam we may encounter. Let's not forget that Valencia is known as Los Madrileños beach… From Barcelona there is no AVE, but trains Euromed that travel the journey in 3 hours.

Where to sleep in Valencia?

We were lucky to stay in an apartment just 2 minutes from the City of Arts. Very well connected, no parking problems and a multitude of restaurants for dinner. We could ignore the latter since we had a kitchen with all the necessary elements to enjoy a magnificent evening in the apartment. And where could we enjoy such luxury? Well inValencia Flats. A chain of apartments in Valencia at a phenomenal price.

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