The old west in the Tabernas Desert (Oasys minihollywod)


Everyone knows that the Tabernas desert It was the mecca of the so-called Spaghetti Western. Several film sets were built like the western town called today asOasys MiniHollywood. A multifunctional theme park that is ideal for visiting with children and not-so-children. Western shows, swimming pools and a large zoo, are the cards that handle this interesting option to enjoy in the province of Almeria.

Oasys Minihollywood. Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

The Tabernas Desert and the Oasys minihollywod

In the mid-60s and 70s, a very peculiar film genre began to develop. Western movies, mainly directed by Italian directors, who searched in Almeria for a location similar to the American west and where shooting costs were low. That is why films like the good, the ugly and the bad, for a handful of dollars or death had a price among others, were shot here with actors today of the size ofClint eastwood, Lee Van Cleef or Bud Spencer. To this we must not forget soundtracks as legendary as that of the good, the ugly and the bad, composed ofEnnio Morricone.

Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

Oasys Minihollywood theme park

Nowadays things have changed a lot, the western genre and especially the western spaghetti is a bit in decline, but still these sets are still used from time to time to shoot series, music videos, advertising campaigns and for their Put movies. Not the number before as to be able to stay, but now they have become true theme parks where you can get more profitability.

Oasys Minihollywood Map

An example is Oasys Minihollywood, where one of the main towns in the West has become a theme park. As it is located in a very desert area, not only the western theme was bet, but this has been added swimming pools and a great zoo, with all kinds of animals. With this it is possible to attract a large number of audiences, especially children, in addition to all the tourists that bring together the beaches of Almeria and seek to have a break.

The western town of Oasys Minihollywood

Let's start commenting on the western town, calledFort apache. Upon entering we begin to see on both sides various wooden constructions where they are not only facade, but their interiors are perfectly conditioned.

Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

We begin by seeing a blacksmith shop, a gold mine, the village church with funeral and everything, etc. The thing promises and this goes to more. I recognize that this type of tourism is not my thing, but for my children who are barely 3 years old it is the most. They love it and I see them with their eyes wide open. The funny thing is that all this makes me curious and I even start to like it.

Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

We meet the first figurant, which we will see later in the Saloon giving a guitar recital. There are not too many and we will quickly realize that they are always the same and that they do not stop walking around the town.

Oasys Minihollywood. Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

We keep walking and go through an old photography shop and another souvenir shop. I could not miss of course. Then we have the fire department to later find the central square. Place where a show will take place later.

Oasys Minihollywood. Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

In the center there are two cowboys of noted Andalusian accent. We are in Almeria and it is quite logical. The saloon aside, an air-conditioned bar and where dance shows are held. Behind is the Cinema Museum, where films shot in the Tabernas desert and much of the material used are shown. In front of the Sheriff's Office next to a gallows.

Oasys Minihollywood. Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

The museum is housed in the bank. From the bank are the windows of the branch and just behind, entering through another door is the museum. This is where we see the importance of the Tabernas desert as a film set. Hundreds of movies were shot here.

Cinematographic museum

We headed to the hotel, given that behind the bank there is a very colorful Indian camp. I don't know if there will be any figurant playing Indian, but we didn't see any in the Oasys MiniHollywood.

Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

After the hotel is the Arizona restaurant, a buffer type restaurant where the food does not shine in excess. Of course, diners have free access to the pool behind if it is open.

Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

We continue along this street and on the right side there are several shops where we can enter and observe its interior. Always behind a showcase so that nobody can touch anything since there is no surveillance.

Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

At the end of the street there is a small cemetery where few graves have an inscription. One of them says Ella Watson. She was an alleged outlaw accused of several robberies in the Midwest 150 years ago and then doubted making her a symbol.

Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

We turn around and take another street. We run into a small train station with a freight wagon, in addition to a water channel that ends in a pylon where horses can drink. All this water it is not drinkable little eye There are many sources and that is the only official place to drink water, not the canals or watering holes.

Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

Then comes the carriage museum, where there are reconstructions of western carriages and more modern cars. It is curious to see it, even more so when the buildings that house it are a bakery, a grain store and a logging stand.

Western Village in the Tabernas Desert

Oasys Minihollywood shows

In the western town there are two shows. he western show and the Can Can dance. Both have a short duration of approximately 15 minutes each. The first is the one that attracts the most public since it takes place in the central square of the town.

Western show

The script is simple. The sheriff and his assistants bring an outlaw to the town jail. Later the friends of the bad try to rescue him and be a weapon of the mess…. Some die and others end up by hanging, after a brawl where shots, fights and horse chases cannot be missed. I don't know if there are different performances or it's always the same.

Western show

He Can Can dance He is more relaxed, especially when he is sheltered from the air conditioner, something in high demand on hot summer days. In this show 4 dancers give us a recital, accompanied occasionally by a nice singer.

Can Can Dance

Zoological Reserve

The western town is only a third of the theme park. The rest is occupied by a large zoological reserve, that is, a zoo, divided into two sectors. The first houses a reptile, the spectacle of Parrots and animals as interesting as meerkats, mongooses, monkeys, turtles and birds of many kinds, bats and even Tigers.

Zoological Reserve - Meerkat

In the other area we have animals that require a lot of space, such as Lions, Bears, Antelopes, Wildebeest, hippos, hyenas, lemurs, zebras and even giraffes. Surely I am missing many more. The area is really big.

Zoological Reserve

So big that there is a small train that walks you through the area in case you don't want to walk and don't roast yourself in the sun. In addition there are some slopes of some consideration. In fact they have placed a new restaurant in that area where they serve hamburgers, puppies and sandwiches.

Zoological Reserve

Well, all this is the Oasys MiniHollywood. Perfect for the little ones and not the little ones. Especially if you come at times when the heat is not so suffocating, such as in June or September.

Practical data

How much does the Oasys MiniHollywood theme park cost?

Adults pay 22.90€ and children between 4 and 12 years old 13.60€. Retirees and people with disabilities have discounts. There is also a combined ticket that includes a discount at the buffet. The parking is worth 2.90€.

Tours to go to Oasys MiniHollywood

If you do not have your own vehicle and prefer to be taken on a guided tour there is also the option.

Oasys Mini Hollywood Tour

How to get to the Oasys MiniHollywood?

It is located north of Almeria in the town of Tabernas, 25 minutes from the city. Take exit 376 of the A-92 towards Tabernas.

When to go to Oasys MiniHollywood?

We are in the Tabernas desert and it is very hot in summer. If we visit it in the months of July and August, prepare ... Especially in the area of ​​the zoological reserve where the heat can be suffocating. That is why they built some pools because they just… the same does not come anyone.

What times does Oasys MiniHollywood have?

The schedules vary every year and outside the high season they do not open every day. It is better to find out on their website to have updated schedules. It usually opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 7:00 p.m.

What times do the shows have?

Usually the shows are held twice a day with the exception of the Parrots which is performed 3 times. The West show takes place at 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The Can Can dance at 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

What do we need to carry

Yes, although this is not a mountain expedition we have to prepare equally. The ideal is to bring at least the following, especially if we visit it in summer.

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit and towel. They rent them for € 0.50
  • Cap
  • Water, but there are enough sources
  • Comfortable shoes. The distances are long


Here are a series of tips to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

  • Introduce us 15 or 20 minutes in advance at the shows.
  • In the central square you can climb the terraces where the views are very good
  • The Saloon has air conditioning !!
  • Bring some food. The one they serve is not a delicatessen.
  • When they open there is no one and it's nice to walk the streets alone
  • The can can dance is performed in the Saloon where there is space limit. Ideally, arrive 30 minutes early and have a snack

Can you feed the animals?

This is not Faunia. It is completely forbidden to feed the animals or touch them. Even horses, since they can bite even if they seem very meek.

Where to sleep in Tabernas

Here are several options for sleeping in Taverns:

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