Where to go on holiday in Holy Week in Spain


This year the Easter holidays They arrive sooner than ever. Winter has barely left us and we get this mini break, so beach places may not be as advisable as in other years. Therefore, our proposal is based mainly on inland tourism and places that are worth spending a good season. Sites that visit them in spring is ideal and perhaps in summer we ignore them because of the excess heat.

Where to go on holiday in Holy Week

This year we have different bets on very diverse places and as always we put special focus on rural tourism. Places that generally can be reached by car except for Ceuta and that with 4 days will give us enough time to get the most out of them. Our list consists of 8 places to go from Easter holidays But your order does not indicate our preference. For us all of them have a special and sure charm that you choose the one you choose will always be a wise choice.

1 Las Médulas in León

The romans They created this spectacular landscape in search of the most precious metal, gold, through a large gold exploitation. Today his legacy serves for thousands of tourists to visit him every year and tour the place through its beautiful viewpoints, trails and caves left by our former conquerors.

Las Medulas - Senda Reirigo

Today the tunnels that we can find under these mountains we can travel at our whim, but what we could not imagine is that they were used to divert the water and with its force press the slopes of the mountain in search of gold.

Las Medulas - Orellán Gallery

This ideal place to take a holiday in Holy Week is located in the town of Las Médulas, 150 kilometers from León.

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2 The Royal Bardenas in Navarra

It is undoubtedly one of the deserts most beautiful in Spain and consisting of really beautiful sandy formations. A perfect place to mark a roadtrip, whether we have a 4 × 4 or not, since it has a network of dirt tracks in good condition, provided there has been no rain before.

Las Bárdenas Reales - Easter Holidays

Two days may be enough to tour this desert, but as the Easter holidays are longer, the area gives for much more. Places like him Olite Castle o Sickles like Foz de Lumbier are relatively close by car.

Bardenas reales

The main entrance starts from Arguedas on the N134, not far from Tudela, but there are other additional entrances further north and especially for mountain biking.

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3 The Hoces del Duratón in Segovia

Less than 2 hours from Madrid and 1h of Segovia hide the Sickles of the Duratón River. A truly splendid natural landscape that holds a lot of secret corners. Also if you like good food, the area has excellent places to taste lamb and piglet mainly.

Monastery of Our Lady of the Sickle - What to see in Hoces del Duratón

The place has numerous viewpoints and hiking trails, many of them a little hidden but with the corresponding visit to the tourist office this will be resolved. As additional advice, do not forget to visit the towns of Pedraza and Sepulveda.

Mirador Oeste - What to see in Hoces del Duratón

There are two important towns to connect with Duraton Sickles. The first is Villaseca since it is the closest town to the Hermitage of San Frutos and the other is Sebulcor, where the excursions with canoes leave and where the viewpoint of the Monastery of La Hoz is located.

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4 The Sierra de Cádiz

The green jewel of the province of Cádiz and somewhat forgotten by many Spaniards. Its proximity to the coast makes many tourists pass it by, but they don't know what they really miss, the natural park of Grazalema. This mountain range saves the best hiking trails in the province with unique trails in Spain such as the Pinsapar de Grazalema.

Ascension to the Torreón - Sierra de Cádiz

As a tip if you visit the area, do not forget to book several weeks in advance access to several hiking trails such as el Torreón or the Pinsapar, since there is a fairly low quota of walkers per day being in a protected place.

Sierra de Cádiz

The most nerve points in the area are the towns of Grazalema, Ubrique, the Bosque and Zahara de la Sierra. What do you feel like coming during the holidays in Holy Week?

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5 The Arribes del Duero in Salamanca

This colossal canyon serves as a border with our neighbor Portugal and where we can perfectly spend a week or even more. Activities such as hiking, boat cruises and kayaks are the most demanded, although road lovers will be happy to make many stops through the many viewpoints that are located on both sides of the border.

Picón de Felipe from the Aldea Ávila Dam

Arrivals must be enjoyed both the Spanish and Portuguese side. From both sides there are river cruises crossing different areas of the canyon and providing their own anecdotes. It is also perfect to taste the cuisine of our beloved neighboring country.

Penha Laila viewpoint - Portugal

If we go to the Spanish zone, the ideal is to go to Village Ávila de la Ribera (Salamanca, Spain) and if we go to the Portuguese side to Miranda do Douro (Bragança, Portugal). Although the distances on the map seem short, these localities are an hour away by car since the roads are not very good and the terrain orography.

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6 The Tables of Daimiel

Spring is a really good time to visit the Tables de Daimiel National Park. As a general rule there is much more water and many of the birds that nest there have not yet emigrated to northern Europe, perfect for a holiday in Holy Week.

Daimiel tables

To visit them we must go to the town of Daimiel in Ciudad Real and not far from the A4 motorway.

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7 Ceuta

I am convinced that Ceuta had not crossed your mind, well done. This Spanish corner in North Africa is a jewel rich in history that is worth spending a few days and only through an escape from the neighbor Algeciras by ship

Ceuta Royal Pit

To Ceuta can be reached by boat or plane. The latter through neighboring Tangier, already in Morocco. If you go by boat things are much easier. In just one hour you can cross the strait in one of the 3 companies that currently have the concession. Both Algeciras and Tarifa have daily departures to Ceuta.

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8 Granada

Granada is a classic in Easter holidays and even more when these are so early. The closeness with Sierra Nevada It allows us to enjoy a few days of skiing and then spend a few days visiting the city and the splendid Alhambra.

The Alhambra of Granada

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Practical information about the Easter holidays in Spain

Where to sleep in Las Médulas

  • Rural house Agoga: Our choice. Fina, the owner, a charm by the way, is the owner of this group of rural houses in the middle of the town of Las Médulas. Their houses are next to the Perimeter Path and the Visitors Center.
  • Hotel Medulio: Also located in the town of Las Médulas is a small aberration facing the landscape, as it spoils several of the views of the archeological zone. At least it has a large number of rooms and parking.

Where to sleep in the Hoces del Duratón

Being a very tourist place the hotel offer is very large, especially of rural houses. We leave some sites that will not disappoint you:

  • Posada del Duratón: more than an inn it looks like a palace. This place is located in Sebulcor and if it wasn't for the name I would say it was a real Parador.
  • Hospedería de los Templarios: a charming flirt in the main square of Sepúlveda.
  • Hotel Rural Vado del Duratón: one of the few hotels in the area and with a great breakfast.

Where to sleep in the Sierra de Cádiz

We propose two options:

  • Rural apartments Sierra Alta. Located at Benaocaz and with exquisite views. It has a kitchen, terrace, pool and internet in each apartment. Our choice.
  • Hotel Villa de Grazalema. At the top of the town lies this charming hotel from where several hiking trails depart. Similar as comforts of the previous one.

Where to sleep in the Arribes del Duero

We choose the rural house Tiu Pino Curral in Sendim (Portugal). Totally recommended and with very nice owners.

If you decide to stay in Spain, the ideal is to do it in Aldeaávila de la Ribera.

  • Camping Las casitas de las Arribes: small campsite with bar.
  • Hotel La Jara-Arribes: one of the most comfortable hotels in the area.
  • Rinconada de las Arribes: rural hotel with wifi and fireplace room :-D.
  • Hotel Rural Corazón de las Arribes: rural hotel of modern court of great capacity.

Where to sleep at the Tables of Daimiel

As we travel with a limited budget, we are looking for a beautiful and at the same time cheap rural house, encountering The Virgen de las Cruces Rural House in Daimiel. A success.

Where to sleep in Ceuta

We spent the two nights we were in Ceuta at the Ulises Hotel, right in the center and in one of the commercial arteries of the city. An excellent point to know Ceuta.

Where to sleep in Granada

We leave you below a series of hotels of different prices that we liked a lot.

  • Fontecruz Granada: a 5 * hotel at a good price and very close to the cathedral.
  • Carmen Hotel: economic and with a pool located. What more can we ask for.
  • Alhambra Palace: only for foodies and with views of the Alhambra taking off his hat.

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