What to see in Copenhagen in winter (weekend getaway)


We have gone crazy, there is much to see in Copenhagen in winter. It seems crazy when we talk about completely snowy citiesbut when there cheap flights the desire to travel can be much more than the good weather or the heat of a good fireplace. If you ride it well Copenhagen is an excellent city to enjoy in winter. Also, how many times are you lucky to walk through a beautiful white city?

Copenhagen in winter

We all have the mania to find cheap flights for a weekend and fall into the lowest priced destination regardless of what you can find. Copenhagen is an example, but like all the cities in which it is cold in winter if you ride it well the visit can be a real love at first sight. Copenhagen is a small city, easy to travel and luckily with good bars and excellent cuisine, so if bad weather is a problem there will always be places to take refuge.

Copenhagen in winter (Nyhavn)
Copenhagen in winter

Further, visit a city in winter It has its charm if you come from a somewhat warmer country. You see a different city, a city adapted to another climate, where architecture and landscape is opposite to where you live. In the end in the background makes you enjoy the visit differently, leaving aside the cold or snow as simple vagaries of time.

But time you have to know how to treat it and that's why we want to tell you a series of tips.

Preparations to visit it with cold and snow

Is it worth going in winter?

The answer is yes. The reason is because you will simply see a different landscape and a city full of snow that you do not see every day. It is simply different and at the same time beautiful. Also, if you are lucky enough to go in Christmas, you will see it completely transformed, full of lights and street markets. Apart flights to Copenhagen leave very cheap on pages such as Skyscanner, so for about € 70 you can go perfectly back and forth to the Danish capital.

What clothes to wear?

In Denmark It's cold, very cold in winter, so clothes and a good suitcase full of it never left over. If you warm up, the visit will be fantastic, if not, you will always end up in a bar or looking for a hot place. We recommend you leave the following before leaving:

  • Warm clothing. The 0º of Copenhagen are very humid, so the feeling is much colder
  • A hat Y glovesThey always help. If you wear a hot head, the body will thank you
  • Good boots and warm No t-shirts or the typical New Balance. It goes cold, very cold on the feet.
  • Winter socksthe thicker the better

Important footwear. Miguel took the typical New Balance and step cold, very cold on the feet

What can you visit in winter?

In winter, not everything is open in Copenhagen. For example, the Tivoli Park closes, but it is the little that closes at this time. For a weekend in addition to walking around the city we recommend you visit the following places:

  1. Rosenborg Castle
  2. Kastellet
  3. Christiania
  4. Rundetaarn
  5. The little Mermaid
  6. Amalienborg Palace
  7. Marble Church (Federico Church)
  8. Church of San Salvadorx
  9. Tivoli Gardens
  10. Nyhavn

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And if you have time and rent a car to leave the city we recommend you visit theFrederiksborg Castle.


What to see in Copenhagen in winter

Even if it's cold, Copenhagen will always offer you good bars and excellent cuisine. It's cold, strips of apps like Tripadvisor or Google Maps and you're looking for a good place to dine. That you want to see the city, well do not forget to see places like the ones described below.

1 Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle although it is in the center of the city its use was intended as cottage, because at that time Copenhagen will be much smaller than it is today. It was also used as royal residence in the 18th century and today it is open for tourist visits. From the outside it does not seem very large, we do not get in, but with so much to see in Copenhagen we prefer to enjoy the city rather than a castle or palace.

Rosenborg Castle
Rosenborg Castle

2 Kastellet

From my point of view, the place we liked the most was the Kastellet area. It is one of the Europe's best preserved fortifications. In this bastion you can find from a spectacular mill from wind to a church. The shape of the Kastellet is the most original (see it on Google Maps), since it is a pentagram surrounded by water. Today it is a public park, a part of the most original.

Copenhagen (Kastellet)
Copenhagen (Kastellet)

3 Christiania

How Christiania changes in winter compared to summer! In essence, the essence is the same, but with much less people. Christiania is characterized by its buildings full of graffiti, food stalls, animation and smell of hashish, something that even ice is not able to hide.

Christiania is a neighborhood that is supposed to be "self-governed" by its residents, something that you perceive as soon as you enter. It has nothing to do with the rest of Copenhagen. The houses seem poorer and if you walk across the "lake", down the street Midtdyssen, you will find like in another world. Houses with the most original architecture, surrounded by snow and ice, and all in the middle of a forest.


We ate a good hamburger in Christiania, at the Coffeeshop Månefiskeren (Cafe Månefiskeren)

4 Rundetaarn

It is possibly the best viewpoint in Copenhagen. This 17th century tower is right in the center of the city and from it it is possible to see almost all the roofs and churches that dominate the capital of Denmark. You have to go, it's a must visit, even if it is brief and only a viewpoint :).

  • Price of admission: 5DKK children and 150DKK adults

5 The Little Mermaid

For us disappointment, a Manneken pee More of life. Small, simple statue with an industrial and contaminated background. It is the image of the city, and therefore you have to go see it, but deserve it, it is not worth it. As in many other "tourists", sometimes the story or legend is better than the reality you see today.

The little mermaid of Copenhagen
Copenhagen in winter

6 Amalienborg Palace

Walking we arrive at the square that gives access to the Amalienborg Palace, where it is possible to see the classic changing of the guard(at noon), very "London" style. People who crowd around the square to see how the soldiers make the change to the sound of their rifles and heel blows.

Amalienborg Palace
Amalienborg Palace

7 Marble Church (Federico Church)

Next to the palace is the imposing marble church, possibly the most spectacular in the city thanks to itshuge dome. This is 46m high and is supported by 12 columns, the same number of paintings it has.

Marble Church (Federico Church)
Marble Church (Federico Church)

8 Church of San Salvador

Although we did not enter one of the churches that most caught our attention was the church of San Salvador, by its shape and by the spiral staircase outside, a staircase that seems to have the direction of touching the sky. This with Christiania, so if you go to this place you will surely pass by her.


9 Tivoli Gardens

It was one of the places we wanted to see in Copenhagen, but unfortunately it is closed in winter. If you have children and want to enjoy an amusement park like this, then wait for the summer.

10 Nyhavn

If there is a postcard from Copenhagen beyond the Little Mermaid this is Nyhavn's.

In addition, it is an ideal place to go for lunch or dinner, as it is full of restaurants and good places to have a good Danish beer.


Copenhagen surroundings

Finally, if you have time, one of the most interesting excursions is the Frederiksborg Castle. We did it mainly for two things. Because in the end we had plenty of time and because Copenhagen was "broken" by an immense fog. The funny thing is that in the end it wasn't just Copenhagen, but the whole country. We hardly saw the castle on the outside, but at least we could enjoy its interior.

Frederiksborg Castle
Frederiksborg Castle

If you want to hire the tour, access the following link where they tell you the detail view:

Visit Frederiksborg Castle

Practical data

Fly to Copenhagen

The ticket to Copenhagen cost us € 80. We fly with Iberia, but we recommend that you also look at other low cost companies such as Norwegian Air, Vueling or Ryanair. Then we leave you a comparator of the cheapest.

Search engine for flights to Copenhagen

Where to sleep?

Copenhagen is not a cheap city, and it can be as expensive as Paris or London if you are looking for a hotel in the center. You can find accommodations from € 60, accommodations like:

  • Urban House not far from Tívolo for € 90 a night
  • Generator Like the Urban, but located next to the main monuments. From € 90
  • Cabinn City Modern hotel from € 80

Restaurants and bars

The best of the city

  • Krebsegaarden restaurant. € 90 per person is well worth it. Book early, do not hesitate!

Cheap and recommended

  • Grams Laekkerier. For about € 25 you leave well served.
  • Mikkeller Bar. Traditional beers and an excellent atmosphere. It is usually full and has a very good atmosphere. We repeat and everything!

Guided tours in Copenhagen

If you are one of those who like tours, cruises and guided tours we recommend that you see the following excursions:

See tours in Copenhagen


Note: Thank you Sergi, our favorite Valencian. Great trip!. We have to repeat

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