What to see in Jordan in a week


J ordania in a week for free is more than possible. The ideal it would be 10 daysBut if your time is money and you only have one week, this is your itinerary based on our experience having traveled twice to the country of the Nabateans. It is a country that runs from north to south, practically on the same road, to the sea, and returning again to the starting point, Amman, the capital.

What to see in Jordan in a week (Itinerary)

If you decided to travel to Jordan for free and you only have one week, this is your itinerary. When we visited Jordan, it was very clear to us what places were recorded in our retinas and what to do. See Jordan in a week is possible And not only that, you can see the main and the most impressive of this country. Besides, we were lucky to see Petra really, without hurry, day and night. Wadi Rum the same, but not only in the classic 4 × 4 tour, but doing two spectacular walks that have left a phrase in our mind, Wadi Rum is the most beautiful desert in the world.

Wadi rum

Therefore, if you want to see the best of Jordan in a week we recommend you that you visit the following places:

  • Jerash
  • Petra at night
  • Petra
  • Hiking and 4 × 4 in Wadi Rum
  • The dead Sea

Some may think. And the coast? True, but honestly it's not the best of Jordan and there are much better destinations at the beach and seabed level. Even so, if you add two more days to this week you can also see:

  • Northern Strengths
  • The Gulf of Aqaba

One week itinerary if you travel for free

If your chosen means of transport is the rental car or the bus This is your tour. By the way, if you decide to rent one, visit This page, there is up to 15% discount.

Day 1. Amman - Jerash - Amman

If you are lucky and the flight arrives early, maybe you can take advantage of the day and visit the Roman city of Jerash. Otherwise you will have to give a walk through AmmanIt is not worth it, and rest after the long trip.

  1. Flight from Spain to Amman
  2. If you arrive in the morning, you should go to visit Jerash and take advantage of the day. Amman is not worth it
  3. Sleep in Amman (see hotels)

Day 2. Jerash - Petra

As in most cases, it is mid-afternoon and the first day can be considered lost. If so, the second day is to see Jerash and in the afternoon take the bus to Petra.

  1. Take a bus fromTabarbour bus station to Jerash (1h journey)
  2. Visit Jerash (Calculate just over 3h)
  3. Return to Amman to eat (1h) and take the bus to Petra (4h)
  4. Sleep in Petra (see hotels)

Day 3. Petra

We recommend spending a full day in Petra. It is necessary to be able to see the main wonders of the city of the Nabateans.

  1. Visit the city of Petra including the most impressive points of the city
  2. By night, approach the sacrament via the path of candles until you reach Tesoro
  3. Sleep in Petra

Day 4. Petra - Wadi Rum

Although with one day you don't see everything Petra is true that you see the most important thing. With more days you would visit the Little Petra or the route that leads to the Tomb of the Roman soldier, our choice if you were lucky enough to be one more day in Petra.

  1. Take a bus from Petra to Wadi Rum (3h)
  2. Visit the camps in the area and choose the one you like best
  3. Take a little walk through Wadi Rum
  4. Sleep in Wadi Rum (see hotels from € 13)

Day 5. Wadi Rum

Hiking day or 4 × 4 by Wadi Rum. In our article about the area we talk about the two possibilities, so we invite you to choose the one you like best. Anyway if you want to play a little of everything you can do themix between 4 × 4 and hiking.

  1. Hiking and 4 × 4 in Wadi Rum (full day)
  2. We recommend you watch the sunset, simply spectacular
  3. Sleep in Wadi Rum

Day 6. Wadi Rum - Dead Sea

If you go by rental car it is much easier and you will earn much more time, but if you go by bus, as in the company JETT, look carefully at the schedules, since first you go to Amman and from Amman to the Dead Sea.

  1. Watch the sunrise in Wadi Rum, since there is little time, you have to get up early, right?
  2. Travel north to Amman (4h 30 min)
  3. Trip to the Dead Sea (2h from Amman)

Day 7. Dead Sea - Sweet Home

From the Dead Sea to Amman there are less than 2h.

  1. Flight from Amman to your home sweet home.

Extra. Day 8 and 9

Here a great doubt arises. In two days you can do more than one route in Petra and the same in Wadi Rum, our recommendation, but it is also possible to relax in Aqaba and see the northern fortresses.

¿Any doubt about Petra and Wadi Rum?

Both Petra and Wadi Rum could be spent more than 3 days In each one. In both places it is worth being two days, but if you are in a hurry, decide between the following options:

Several routes in Petra

Route A (Petra classic)

Visitor Center - Via Sacra - The Treasury or Al-Khaznez - Avenue of the columns - Monastery or Ad-Deir - Royal Tombs - The Treasury or Al-Khaznez - Visitor Center

Monastery, Ad-Deir

Route B (the hidden and less visited)

Visitor Center - Via Sacra - The Treasury or Al-Khaznez - Altar of sacrifice - Tomb of the Roman soldier - Royal Tombs - The Treasury or Al-Khaznez - Visitor Center


In any of the two options of Petra you will always have to do night, since each route usually takes a full day.

In Wadi Rum

22km route through the canyons of Wadi Rum

It is a demanding route since we speak more than 20km through the desert. Of course, refrain in summer because of the heat. We can say that this route fell in love, it was simply fascinating. In this journey you really see how the great Wadi Rum is.

Wadi rum

4 × 4 route + 13km walking route

From any camp you can hire the classic 4 × 4 + hiking. This is a good option if you're in a hurry and you will only do one night in Wadi Rum.

Wadi rum

The 4 options are explained in both the Petra article and the Wadi Rum article.

Travel insurance for Jordan

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We recommend you read the article by Jordan for free, as it has more specific data from the country itself.