What to see in Senegal in two weeks


We start from a small remote town not far fromKedougou, next to the border of Guinea. He had to face a small walk in search of one of the lost villages in wooded mountains of the Bassari Country. We feel alone in a place like this. If you close your eyes you are able to perceive the whisper of the branches when falling on the fields. The loneliness is felt. As you walk you feel like a old explorer, knowing that what you will see will be a privilege, because it will certainly change in the coming years.

Fishing port

Not in every corner of the planet its inhabitants have to travel tens of kilometers to drink drinking water. Not in all places the religion imposed by consumerism is rejected. Not in all civilizations to become an adult you have to pass a series of tests of courage and courage. These and many other things are what you will find in a country like Senegal, where the west opens to the new world and the east locks itself in its customs. Let's see what we can do inSenegal in two weeks, traveling for free, really living Africa.

Our itinerary begins in Dakar, the capital and main entrance of the country. The trip is oriented to 3 principles. We wanted to see animals, we visited the main national park of the country. We wanted to live the real Senegal and its customs, we marvel at the Country Bassari. And we wanted to enjoy green Senegal, almost another country, with its endless Beaches.

What to see in Senegal

Senegal is not a fashion country. It does not have excessive tourism, or rather little or nothing in low season. When you decide to go to Africa It is not the first country that comes to mind, except for the endemic problem of poverty and of the immigrants from the strait. It is a country for resource travelers, for experienced travelers. Transportation is poor, the touristic infrastructure It is minimal and even non-existent in some corners of the country. In three words, it is an adventure. During the two weeks we were able to enjoy Senegal we saw places like:

  • Dakar
  • The pink lake
  • Goree Island
  • Niokolo Koba National Park
  • Bassari Country
  • Casamance
  • Ziguinchor
  • Cap Skirring

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Itinerary. Senegal in two weeks renting a car

Although it is not the most recommended option, it is the fastest and allows you to reach certain points where public transport does not arrive. In the article of Senegal by free we explain the reasons for choosing the means of transport that suits you, all depending on patience and budget. This is our itinerary, removing the 3 days we were in Cambodia. It can be done in less time, yes, removing the occasional day to Casamance.

Day 1

We took a plane from Madrid at dinner time to finish at dawn in a gloomy airport. We had trouble finding a taxi, because the people at the hotel didn't even remember us.

  1. Arrive to Dakar by direct flight from Madrid with Iberia at 1:30 a.m.
  2. In the morning visit GoGo Island.
  3. We sleep in the Farid Hotel.

Goree Island

Day 2

We leave for the east of Senegal, the true and deepest Africa. The houses change, the valleys are covered with impressive baobabs and places like Niokolo Koba appear. Road in regular condition, that if paved

  1. Departure to the Niokolo Koba National Park.
  2. We rent a car without a driver in Europcar. Reason, go faster and do not depend on the dilapidated taxis.
  3. We arrived to Tambacounda. Be careful with gasoline, there are not many gas stations.
  4. We sleep in Wassadou, a spectacular place next to the gambia river a few kilometers from the park entrance.
  5. Optional could be sleeping in a tent inside the park, at the lion's camp. Refrain if you do not have a store and in the rainy season we do not recommend it. There are no services.

Day 3

With our car and with the help of a mandatory guide, we visit the national park in full wet season. Green, beautiful, but without seeing lions or large mammals.

  1. Visit to Niokolo Koba National Park
  2. In 4×4 We walk the park. If your car is ready, with an SUV it is more than enough, you will save a lot of money.
  3. In the afternoon route in canoes by the Gambia river. It starts from the same hotel.
  4. We sleep inWassadou again.

Panoramic Niokolo

Day 4

We cross the national park by the most spectacular road from all over Senegal until you reach Kedougou. The true adventure begins.

  1. Departure to Bassari Country.
  2. We cross the National Park on the N7 road. A true animal experience. 🙂
  3. We arrived to Kedougou, where we meet our guide to tour the Bassari Country.
  4. Visit to market to buy the food for the next 3 days.

Day 5

Route through the towns of Bedik country. Speechless. Open-mouthed It is what we feel walking through these hills, stopped in time, with few frictions of the white man, Africa in its purest form.

  1. Bassari country.
  2. Trekking through the Bedik country. Andjel - Iwol - Ibel.
  3. We slept in a cabin in Segou.

Day 6

Another day of trekking to end up bathing in the waterfalls from Segou and Dindefello.

  1. Bassari country.
  2. Trekking waterfalls from Segou and Dindefello.
  3. We slept in a cabin in Dindefello.

Bassari Country

Day 7

We cross a river overflowed by the rainy season, an experience.

  1. Bassari country.
  2. Bandafassi Trekking to Ethiwar.
  3. We slept in Kedougou, in one of the few hotels in town.

Day 8

We leave for Casamance, an endless road, which begins in good condition to end some holes worthy of an apocalyptic meteorite film.

  1. Early departure to Casamance.
  2. Very long route by car passing by Kolda. Very heavy.
  3. See center of Ziguinchor.
  4. Sleep in the hotel Kadiandoumagne de Ziguinchor.

Day 9

Already in Casamance the roads improve, the towns change, the cement appears next to the mud, rice paddies and water, water everywhere.

  1. We cross the roads of Casamance.
  2. Oussouye.
  3. We slept at the Mon Petit de Cap Skirring hotel.


Day 10

After so much road we decided to rest in the infinite and empty beaches from Cap Skirring. Empty because August is low season. Eye, there are many closed hotels.

  1. Beach's day in Cap Skirring.
  2. Relax, relax and relax.
  3. We slept at the Mon Petit hotel in Cap Skirring.

Day 11

Dirt roads are ideal for walking on foot or in bike. You can enter the villages without fear, they are hospitable, curious people, wanting to talk. There is little to do, just see and hear.

  1. Departure inland at Casamance.
  2. Seleki and Enampore by bike.
  3. Fishing villages next to Cap Skirring.
  4. We slept at the Mon Petit hotel in Cap Skirring.

Day 12

Touch to visit the most famous island of Casamance, the lonely Carabane.

  1. Full day at carabane island
  2. We slept at the Mon Petit hotel in Cap Skirring.

Day 13

CruzarGambia is not easy, especially if you go by car to rent. Paperwork, permits and bribes, all because they take to kill these two countries. Once you have crossed this great obstacle, getting to Dakar is easy. If you go to the north you can see the famous pink lake and then finish on the beaches of Dakar in front of the N'gor Island. A delight

  1. Early departure to Ziguinchor.
  2. Cross the Gambia.
  3. Visit to pink lake, next to Dakar
  4. Arrival to Dakar
  5. Beach day in front of the N'gor Island.
  6. We sleep in The Brazzerade

Day 14

Everything good ends. Shopping, you wait and return to reality, home.

  1. Last minute shopping. Bye, bye Senegal.
  2. Back to Spain.

This itinerary can be done in less days, skipping some other activity in Casamance. 10 or 15 days, I assure you that you will enjoy Senegal.