What to see in Stavanger, door to Preikestolen


If you visit Norway and the famous Preikestolen, you're sure to be thinking about what to see in Stavanger, since the vast majority of tourists visiting the pulpit pass through this city, capital of Norwegian oil. A perfect place to take long walks, visit interesting museums or even enjoy activities as varied as sailing in the zodiac through the norwegian fjords, take a cruise or enjoy its excellent cuisine.

What to see in Stavanger

What to see in Stavanger, door to Preikestolen

Stavanger It is a city with an eminently industrial past and present. This does not mean that the city is expendable, but quite the opposite. A city that we should reserve at least a day to fall in love with its charming streets, museums and hectic urban life. Besides, we sure stop here sooner or later on our way to Preikestolen and since there is not much accommodation, finally one ends up almost always spending the night in this port city.

So what can we see in Stavanger, we make it very easy for you. Next we relate several places that we visited in our short instance and surely some jewel would be left to visit.

1 Old Town of the city. Gamle Stavanger

The tranquility of this peaceful neighborhood is in between when large groups of tourists gather in each corner to enjoy an idyllic neighborhood. Located on the other side of the port, there is a set of houses all of them painted white built between the 18th and 19th centuries.

What to see in Stavanger - Historic District

An atypical neighborhood being built of wood knowing the dangers that entails, such as the great fires that occurred inBergen. This made part of the population rethink its existence, thinking of replacing the houses with new materials such as concrete. In the end, a sensible voice of oneEinar Hedén He managed to prevent it and thanks to it today we can enjoy this particular corner of Stavanger. Too bad he caught us raining.

What to see in Stavanger - Historic District

2 Øvre Homelgate and surroundings

It is one of the main arteries of the city, almost all of it pedestrian and place of a lot of houses painted in different colors. Very in contrast to what is seen in the old town.

Øvre Homelgate and surroundings

This area is very commercial, with many craft stores, painting, decoration, restaurants, etc., but although we do not buy anything it is worth taking a look at their windows. The best thing is that the street has no loss since it crosses the city from east to west between the place where the cruise ships dock and the Petroleum museum.

Øvre Homelgate and surroundings

3Port of Stavanger

As in other locations near the fjords, the seaport is the central hub of the city and an ideal point to make reference with the rest of the places to visit. Here practically all the cruise ships that visit the Norwegian fjords arrive, so it is not surprising that you see more than one in its small port. You will also see things a bit out of place like the old passenger ship Rogaland, an authentic museum piece that lived worse times, like the great explosion of the Bergen port where more than 100 people died and Rogaland himself was clearly affected.

What to see in Stavanger

The rest of the port is planted with restaurants, some of them fabulous like the Tango Bar, shops oriented to cruise tourism, so prices are generally high, museums such as the maritime and the chamber of commerce, called Rosenkilde Torget.

To take into account that this port is not the only one, it is simply the port dedicated to tourism. The industrial port is very close to the Petroleum Museum along the avenues of Verksgata and Verksalmenningen.

What to see in Stavanger

4 Arneageren

It is a fully glazed area in the center of the city, south of Øvre Homelgate street and ideal for spending time on days where time does not accompany. Inside there is a large bookstore and coming out of it communicates with a similar building where there are decoration shops.


5 Petroleum Museum - Norsk Oljemuseum

Stavanger is the oil capital of Norway This liquid element being one of the reasons why this Scandinavian country has a very high per-capita income. In fact, you will be amazed at the number of high-end electric vehicles that circulate on its streets, many of them being taxi drivers who work part-time, since sometimes they work at some offshore oil station.

What to see in Stavanger

The surroundings of the museum are full of old pieces of boats and oil rigs, being used as a playground in a place called Geoparken. A good way to get warm before visiting the museum.

This one, as you can imagine, is full of contraptions related to oil rigs, which help us imagine the hard work involved in working in conditions where temperatures are low, there are no places to see or visit and that on many occasions you have to live Long seasons

What to see in Stavanger - Petroleum Museum

In fact, in one of the rooms the helicopter transport to a platform is simulated and once there, observe the different types of work, being the diver one of the hardest there is.

6 Sardine Museum - Norsk Hermetikkmuseum

Yes, besides Petroleo, Stavanger was the capital of the sardine canned and preserved in 100% Spanish olive oil. A museum in the old town will transport you until almost 100 years ago, knowing the fishing, transportation, canning and conservation process of this precious delicacy.

What to see in Stavanger - Sardine Museum

7 Street paintings

Stavanger has recently become one of the best places in Europe to enjoy urban art, more specifically graffiti. Therefore, it has the most important destreet art festival in the country.

Locating them is a matter of luck since they are spread throughout the city. Even so, on the festival website there is a map that can help you.

What to see in Stavanger - Street Art

8 Stavanger Cathedral

Very close to the city lake, the Breiavatnet, is the most famous church in the city, Stavanger Cathedral or Stavanger Domkirke. Initially built at the beginning of the 12th century and subsequently rebuilt because of several fires.

9 Valberg Tower

It is an old watchtower built on one of the highest hills in the city and used until 1922. Curiously at that time its use was limited to monitoring possible fires. Today the views over the port are quite good and its interior currently houses a small museum.

Valberg Tower

Practical data on Stavanger, access door to Preikestolen

How to get to Stavanger?

The most common is to arrive by bus from Bergen or by plane, since the city has a international Airport which provides direct flights to many European capitals during the summer, such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Where to sleep in Stavanger

In the city of Stavanger there are many variety of hotels among which are the following:

  • Hotel Comfort Square (Stavanger): comfortable rooms with TV and Wifi from 776 crowns.
  • Stavanger Lille Hotel: economic option a little removed from the center, although it is reached on foot. From 70€.
  • Skansen Hotel: another economic option very close to the main tourist attractions. From 75€.

Where to eat in Stavanger

One of the best places is the Tango Bar, a luxury restaurant located in the port, specifically in Strandkaien. Its price is expensive but it is worth taking a good treat once in a while.

Tango Bar - Stavanger

Nearby excursions

Of course the queen excursion is the pulpit of Norway or Preikestolen, but we should not close on this only. We can also visit the 3 sculpted swords (Sverd and Fjell) by Fritz Røed at the end of the 20th century in honor of a historic Viking battle.

From the port of Stavanger Small cruises depart every day at 11 am to the base of the pulpit. It costs about 500 crowns and can be booked at any agency in the city. The cruise lasts approximately 3 hours. There is also the option of going on a zodiac, but it is much more uncomfortable.

 Excursions in Norway

Do not forget to check the weather

As a final fact, check the official website of the Norwegian meteorological agency in case you get a shower, although in summer the weather is usually very pleasant.

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