7 routes to enjoy the snow in Gredos


The snow in Gredos, one of those great forgotten mountains of Spain. Overshadowed by Sierra de Guadarrama and more now being named National Park, has the sin of not settling near a large metropolis. Perhaps that sin is a virtue, since with this we have been able to preserve one of the best preserved natural environments in the country, with a great diversity of fauna led by the Iberian wolf and the mountain goat, and of course the best mountaineering routes of the entire Central Sistem.

7 Routes to enjoy the snow in Gredos - What to see in Gredos

The Sierra de Gredos We have it etched in our hearts. It is our favorite mountain range and whenever we can we escape to visit it. It is not National Park for political or monetary reasons, but that does not mean that it is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Here we present a series of routes that you should not miss in Gredos, taking into account that in several of them you need to have a good state of form and be a good connoisseur of the mountain.

Maybe to find snow in Gredos you don't have to go that far, but always try to show you the star sites and for us these 7 routes are our essential routes in the Sierra de Gredos.

1 Laguna Grande de Gredos. Walking over the ice

It is the most visited route of all Gredos and not for that reason we must lower the precautions. It starts from a parking lot located a few kilometers from Holes of the Hawthorn called the Gredos platform. From here we have only 2h / 2h30 'we will reach the lagoon. In winter it is completely frozen and under a blanket of snow, which as we can see in the photograph, we could cross it without problems if conditions permit and reach the shelter located at the other end, the Elola shelter.

Gredos Circus

2 Corral del Diablo and Laguna de la Nava. Walking between gorges and waterfalls

Gredos is very extensive and sometimes you have to travel many kilometers to conquer its distant peaks. HeCorral del Diablo is at the foot of theLaguna de la Nava, and to place ourselves we have to go to Barco de Avila, right next to the limits of Castile and Leon with Estremadura. To get to the lagoon we must go to the town of Ship's Nava, from where there is a small parking lot and a map of the route.

Top of Corral del Diablo - Gredos

The route is quite long and should get up early. Part of this is not very well marked so it is convenient to take a good map and GPS.

Corral del Diablo - Gredos

If you want to see the full route of the Corral del Diablo Press here.

3 Almanzor. Central System Roof

Maybe theAlmanzor should not be on this list, since it's not able For all kinds of public. It is only recommended for experienced mountaineers, especially when we pass the crampon hatch, where the rope becomes mandatory many times in winter. His fame is mainly because it is the highest top of the Central System with its almost 2600 meters of altitude.


If you want to see the full route of the Almanzor Press here.

4 Covacha and the Laguna de los Caballeros. The farthest Gredos

TheCovacha It is one of the farthest peaks in the entire Sierra de Gredos. It is necessary to have a very good physical background to reach its summit, since we look where we look we will always have 10 kilometres to its summit, telling that then we have to return ... At its feet are 3 lagoons, the Laguna de los Caballeros, the Square Lagoon and the Boat Lagoon and that I have not counted on the nearby Laguna de la Nava. If you are a physical portent, I recommend doing a round trip in the same day from the town of Navalguijo.

Laguna de los Caballeros - Covacha - Snow in Gredos

From our point of view it is one of the favorite routes Travel for free. A Top 10 in Gredos.

Covacha route

If you want to see more information about the route we made to the Covacha,click here.

5 Nevada Head. The forgotten pyramid

HeNevada head It can be promoted from several slopes, but the most common is to use two vehicles. One parked in Navacepeda de Tormes and another in the Gredos platform, starting the route from the latter. Physically it is demanding, but its magnificent views of the Laguna de Grande de Gredos and of the 5 lagoons They will leave your mark.

Nevada Head Summit

If you still don't have it located, the Nevada head It is the pyramid-shaped mountain that can be seen from the viewpoint of the Laguna Grande de Gredos in the barrerones.

Nevada Head - Sierra de Gredos

If you want to see the full route of the Nevada head Press here.

6 Morezón. The best views of the Circus of Gredos

HeMorezon It is perhaps one of the most accessible mountains we have placed today. Only 2 hours are necessary to reach its summit, but this does not mean that you have to use crampons many times.

Morezón Porthole of the Hoyuelas, Gredos

It is undoubtedly the star excursion for those who have the right time and wish to make a simple route without excessive complications, provided that we do not go through the head down to the Laguna Grande, a feasible thing but only suitable for experienced mountaineers.

Morezón - Snow in Gredos

If you want to see the full route of the Morezon Press here. If you have experience you can try to climb the Morezón from the Laguna Grande.

7 Look. Loneliness in the most visited part of Gredos

We have commented before that most of the tourism is concentrated in the towns of Navarredonda de Gredos and Holes of the Hawthorn, being the starting point of most routes the Gredos platform. Well, halfway to the platform, there is a kind of unused bus stop, where we can leave our vehicle and start the route to Looks at her.

Circular Route through the Mira de Gredos

You can climb from several slopes and in fact the climb by the Victory shelter It is very advisable. Even so, if what we are looking for is snow, the ideal is to attack along the routes that go up its north face.

Route to the Mira through the port of Peón

If you want to see the full route of the Look click here or by the port of Peón (recommended).

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Practical data - Tips in the Sierra de Gredos

When to go?

The Sierra de Gredos It is only 50 minutes from Ávila and 2 hours from Madrid. Having the Sierra de Guadarrama as a physical barrier with the capital, this allows us to find almost virgin places and barely a crowd. Tourism is mainly concentrated on weekends in the parking lot of the Gredos platform, where many hiking trails depart and from where we can quickly reach the snow in gredos.

How to get?

It all depends on what place we visit, but the most frequented is Holes of the Hawthorn and Navarredonda de Gredos. Hoyos has access to the Gredos platform, which by the way since 2014 has a cost of approximately € 3 per vehicle, probably because it is the place where snow in Gredos It is more accessible. The rest of Gredos have no toll.

Another key point of Gredos is the town of Ávila boat, closer to Cáceres and Salamanca.

What to wear

In winter it is always essential to wear crampons and ice ax, and of course know how to use them. Certainly on many routes they can go as ornaments in our backpacks, even more when we follow a fairly beaten path or the day has been sunny and hot, but every precaution is little. Although it weighs and hinders, they should go in the backpack and use them whenever necessary.

We always check the national meteorology website with the last part of the Sierra de Gredos.