What to do and what to see in Cabo de Palos (The best in the area)


Not everything isThe sleeve what you can see in the area of ​​Cabo de Palos. It is clear that it is a very tourist area, but beyond a hot and massive sea, as is the Mar Menor, other beautiful beaches can be known natural parks, the mining history of the province and cities with a charm beyond the tourist villages. These are our proposals of things to see in Cabo de Palos and surroundings.

What to see in Cabo de Palos

Everything closer than it seems

We have selected 7 places that will make you have a good time Holidays in Cabo de Palos. After being a week in the area, and leaving the classic topics of rest and return to the beach, we have decided on the following sites:

  1. The Lighthouse of Cabo de Palos
  2. The beaches of Calblanque
  3. Diving in the Naranjito or in the reserve
  4. The historic center of Cartagena
  5. The Portman Mining Route
  6. The Battery of Castillitos
  7. The Ravine of Gebas
  8. Stroll along the Mar Menor in the salt flats and Arenales of San Pedro del Pinatar

Map of the area

Obviously in addition to these seven proposals that we propose in Cabo de Palos you can do the typical things that tourists do, from simply stroll through the harbor, rent a boat, go to a water park or the classic shopping in the numerous malls from the area But like everything, be original.

Cabo de Palos

1 Lighthouse of Cabo de Palos

Wherever you look you can always see from afar the famous Lighthouse of Cabo de Palos. It is said that they will change their old trade for that of a hotelAs far as anyone knows, will it be necessary to stay within a few years to access it? In any case, this lighthouse is classic most beautiful in the area, and possibly this place, next to the beaches, is the most visited place in the area.

Lighthouse of Cabo de Palos
Cabo de Palos

2 Beaches of Calblanque

At the time we talked about the beaches of Calblanque, possibly the best beaches in Murcia. Nothing to do with the beaches of La Manga or the typical beaches of the umbrella and sunbed. These are very careful and are much more wild. They are inside a protected space, so neither houses nor beach bars can you find on their beaches.

Beaches in Calblanque
Las Cañas beach

3 Diving in the Naranjito

If you have the PADI and you like to dive the Cabo de Palos reserve It is one of the places with the best funds in Spain. If you have the advanced, the title that allows you to go down more than 20 meters, one of the dives that we recommend the most is the Orange, a flotsam or huge sunken ship that in days of good visibility is an authentic joy.

As you see in the video of our YouTube Channel, it was not a day of maximum visibility, but the truth is that the sea was very calm despite the rain that was falling in Cabo de Palos. A great experience, no doubt :)


4 Visit the center of Cartagena and its Roman theater

Cartagena is a very complete city. In addition to being an ideal place to go for tapas or restaurants, since the truth is eaten very well, its old town keeps treasures like the Roman theatre, the house of Isaac Peral, the Naval and Archaeological Museum, the Cathedral or simply those decadent houses that deserve a good restoration. Apart its narrow streets, a world apart.


5 Learn the history of the Portman mines

This is the things that have caught our attention the most. Walking the road to Portman, especially when the heat stops tightening, is one of the most interesting things you can do.

In the middle of twentieth century this area was an important mining basin, something that made thelandscape will change radically. You can see along the road numerous houses or extraction points that leave you open mouth. It is like traveling to the nearest past, but with a stomach upset, since in this place atrocities have been undertaken against the environment. Luckily, today it has stopped destroy these beautiful mountains and in return trees have been planted to give a new face to the area.

Today you can see certain factories or houses you can enter, with clear caution, places where if you close your eyes you can imagine how it was and how the ore was worked in these mines.


6 The Battery of Castillitos

From Cabo de Palos to Mazarrón You can make a route visiting a lot of small fortresses or defensive bastions of the Spanish army. The best known is that of the Battery of the Castillitos, where you can see two impressive canyons next to a spectacular cliff and the whole complex all lived the garrison. You can walk through its canteen, its rooms and even through the tunnels that gave access to places such as the arsenal warehouse or defensive shelters. It is a very original place and a TO-DO of the things to see in Cabo de Palos.

Castillitos Battery
Castillitos Battery

7 Ravine of Gebas

Just over an hour from Cartagena we have the spectacular Barranco de Gebas. An ideal place for hiking or traveling by car through its dirt tracks. This area is characterized by a arid type landscape similar to the Royal Chains in Navarra. The shapes are the most capricious, but the best is its contrast with the water and that turquoise color that brings the Reservoir of the Rambla de Algeciras.

Ravine of Gebas
Ravine of Gebas

8 Salinas and Arenales of San Pedro del Pinatar

In one of the busiest areas of the Mar Menor we can find a beautiful walk between mills of the early twentieth century next to Pink flamingos and a nice salt flat. It is a beautiful walk that reaches La Manga with water always on both sides. We recommend you go at dawn, which is when there are more birds and when the sun leaves a beautiful reflection next to the water and the mills.

Mar Menor

Practical data

How to get?

Cabo de Palos is located in the province of Murcia, not far from Cartagena and next to the famous Mar Menor. It is accessed by RM-12 road, accessible from the AP-7. See in Google Maps.

Restaurants recommended by the area

  • La Cuesta Restaurant. Not far from the Bateria del Castillito. Very cheap And homemade food first.
  • Magoga restaurant. By far the best restaurant in Cartagena
  • Bodega la Fuente. If you like anchovies and everything that comes from Santoña, it's your place

Where to sleep?

  • Maria Guerrero apartments. Nice apartments by the sea
  • Heart of Cabo de Palos apartment. Just by looking at the photos, you fall
  • Selection of hotels recommended by Booking

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