Little Petra or Al-Beid (Hiking trail to Petra)


The route between Little Petra and Petra It is the best crossing we can travel in all of Petra. 12 kilometers along steep roads of little difficulty, with spectacular landscapes full of ruins and large gorges. It is definitely this the best way to see Petra and if you are looking for a hiking route through Petra or throughout Jordan, do not keep looking for more, this is your route.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

The route between Little Petra and Petra

We were facing an unusually cold winter day in Jordan. Coincidentally our day chosen to visit Little Petra orLittle petra and from there walk to Petra. We had 2 degrees of temperature after leaving our hotel in Wadi Musa, theMovenpick Petra and the truth that he didn't feel like walking too much. From there we take a vehicle to get closer to Little Petra, located 20 minutes across a road in good condition that passes through a town where many of the people who formerly inhabited the ruins of Petra live.

We arrive at Little Petra and quickly one realizes that it has nothing to do with the Petra we all know. Here there are barely four souvenir shops built with several wooden boards and a small parking lot where the paved road ends. There is no access checkpoint because simply the entrance to Little Petra is free.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

Route made with a guide in cooperation with the JTB

Why is Little Petra so far from Petra?

The situation of Little petra It is not exactly random. The place was used as a gateway to Petra, where travelers from various places spent the night before entering the great petra. The houses, located in a siq of just 500 meters in length, were crowded on each side, leaving the large esplanade at its entrance as a stop for camels and where their owners probably mounted their jaimas. I mean Little Petra was like aCaravanserai.

Route between Little Petra and Petra

The route begins at the entrance to Little Petra through a track that goes to the left of the siq. As our idea was also to visit Little Petra, we began to walk along the siq knowing that we would have to turn around in about 1 kilometer, since the canyon ended in a place where you could not connect with the route to Petra.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

The place was completely empty, neither locals nor tourists. Little Petra It was for us alone. It may not be as splendid as Petra, but I really liked it. Here for example you have the opportunity to enter the temples and the numerous cave houses. This is perhaps something that should be avoided since we saw signs of fires in more than one of them.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

The route we were traveling in full shade, until at approximately 9 in the morning the first rays of sun began to enter and the orange color of the rocks began to stand out. A marvel.

That moment marked our end of visit to Little Petra and we began the crossing to Petra on a dirt track suitable for off-road vehicles.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

In just 20 minutes we reach the second surprise of the day, the Neolithic village of Bayda. If the Nabatean civilization seemed ancient to us, it far exceeded it with more than 6000 years old. Very close to it and perfectly camouflaged on the rocks there are several silos where the olives were placed for the manufacture of oil and several plantations of malt and alfalfa.

The road was quite comfortable and with little slope. There was hardly any evidence of civilization except for several herds of goats and some points yellow of great proportions that occasionally appeared on the sides of the track. These marks indicated the direction to be followed by the pilots of the Jordan rally, as the guide told us.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

After about 4 kilometers, we begin to climb gently up the side of a mountain until we reach a checkpoint where there was a guard. He asked us for tickets to Petra, knowing at that time we were entering the protected area. Petra was still far away and the only thing we had before our eyes was an immense mountain that we had to cross in some way.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

We began to climb through a narrow path that began to enter a steep and narrow canyon. The road in excellent condition had stairs at the most complicated points which expedited our passage.

It is right at that point on the route where he began to take the landscape he was looking for. Large vertical walls accompanied by magnificent views and even with some defensive site several thousand years old.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

Our guide who didn't wear hiking boots, walked as if it were a city. But if I wore shoes !!! I hope they were those soft ones because otherwise your soles would be shattered.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

Approximately one hour took us through the mountain, although if we had taken longer it would not matter. We didn't really have a great time and that the best was yet to come.

At the beginning of the descent we met a group of workers who were fixing the road. He had suffered some kind of detachment following a flood. Something quite common during winter. The funny thing is that we were very busy not tripping and just looked up from the road. Big mistake given that we were approaching the temple that in my view is the most impressive in Petra, the monastery.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

So impressive that everything around it is tiny. Really unforgettable and certainly better than the treasure. In front of the Monastery there is a somewhat expensive restaurant where you can have coffee for 2JDN and sit on comfortable chairs located in front of the temple.

It is just this moment that we choose to eat the sandwich while keeping our mouths open.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

No less impressive is the descent to Petra and her celebrities 800 steps, if downhill, because on this route you should not upload them :-D. But of course, let's not forget that we had more than 9 kilometers traveled although they were somewhat smooth.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

The road was frequented by many children who came out after passing through the stores that their families ran. We who are not very buying souvenirs fly by and just noticed the objects they had for sale. What I did notice was the numerous tourists who went on donkey (5JDN / 10JDN) without paying attention to the state of the animals.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

Upon reaching the bottom, we pass by the Basin. A buffet restaurant that comes out around 17JDN. From here we climbed a path that reached an old byzantine church where its floor is covered by mosaics. In front of the famous royal tombs and the road to the treasure.

The wonderful route between Little Petra and Petra

We arrive at treasure, the third time in two days and knowing that our route was coming to an end. It was only necessary to travel the kilometer and a half of Siq until we reach Wadi Musa. In total 12 kilometers in 3h30 'counting stops. One of the best routes in Petra without a doubt.

Practical data

When to go trekking between Little Petra and Petra?

As it usually is in Jordan, the best time for hiking is the spring. It doesn't rain anymore, the temperatures are not too hot and the fields are green and full of flowers.

How to get to Little Petra?

We can arrive in our own vehicle, in a taxi or in the vehicle of the guide itself if we have him hired. The cost of the taxi should not exceed 10/15 JDN and remember to return to Wadi Musa empty.

What to wear

The desert is very treacherous and the temperatures are very changing. Intense cold in winter and overwhelming heat in summer. These are some things you have to carry.

  • Long pants, thermal shirt and fleece (Winter only).
  • Shorts and t-shirt in spring / summer / autumn.
  • Cap against the incense sun.
  • Much water. There is not in the whole tour.
  • Winter hat and gloves.
  • Good boots.
  • 30L backpack
  • Optional trekking poles.
  • Map/GPS. Without this, don't even show up. As a GPS, our recommendation is Garmin GPS 64

How much does it cost if we go with a guide?

The cost varies depending on the number of people you guide. Generally it comes to mind from groups of 2 people onwards with a cost from 45 JDN. However, the route with a map or GPS is easy to follow.

Where to eat?

  • Basin restaurant: open all year long. It is buffer type and has Wifi connection. Price 17JDN.
  • Natabatean Tent restaurant: Open only in high season. Price 10JDN.

How much does it cost to enter Little Petra?

The entrance to Little Petra is free.

Where to sleep?

In Wadi Musa there are offers for all tastes although we advise you to look for a hotel in the lower part so as not to have to take a taxi every day or give you a strong walk uphill.

  • Movenpick Petra: one of the best hotels in Wadi Musa and located at the same entrance to Petra. Its interior is spectacular and has a beautiful pool at the back.
  • La Maison hotel: quality of the best price and comfortable rooms at a good price.
  • Sharah Montains: good price but located in the high part.

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  • Burdah Bridge, spectacular trekking in Wadi Rum

Places we will visit

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