Jordan, a destination to go for free or with agency?


Not long ago we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of organized unification, of good things and bad things, but we don't focus if a destination like Jordan is to go for free or with agency. It is true that today we have the doubt of traveling to countries with “Arab dye” because of the disturbances that come from countries such as Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. Today we want to give our vision of a country like Jordan in the current times and especially how to make the decision to travel there, by free or with agency.

Wadi rum

Jordan, a destination to go for free

Jordan has always been one of those destinations that evoke adventure. Be by the mythical Lawrence of Arabia or for the famous entrance in Petra on horseback of the incomparable Indiana Jones, Jordan is clearly beauty and above all adventure. It is scary to think of traveling to a place like this locked in a tourist bus stopping at souvenir shops and without enjoying the true essence of the country. From our point of view, going for free is essential, but it is something that must be considered since it is often much more expensive than going through an agency.

Destination to go for free

Going for free requires two things primarily. Time and patience. In Jordan, transport is slow and therefore you have to have this time to move from one place to another. Another thing is that rent a car, the most recommended, but to this you have to add a cost that in the end will make your trip more expensive. Broadly speaking, going for free could mean:

  • Round trip flight. From € 400, although in Holy Week they exceed € 700 with ease.
  • Airport Fees.
  • Rental car. About € 400 a week.
  • Hotels. Since € 20 a night.
  • Foods, dinners and whims.

Logically, prices vary depending on the season, where Easter and Christmas take the prize of being the most expensive months. In short, depending on the time it can be a bit expensive.

Apart from the costs we have to raise the knowledge of its people. We have predilection for Arab countries for its people and especially for its kindness, things that many times we lack in Europe and elsewhere. The pace is different and being able to live with them and live Jordan outside the tourist circuits gives you a vision of a country very different from the one we know. Jordan is an island, I would say an oasis, since it lives a little outside the Israel's conflict with your neighbors Except for the north, where thousands of refugees from Syria have arrived, there is hardly any perceived problem that lurks in the area. Destination to go free if, but with time or pocket.

Jordan, a destination to travel with agency

Traveling with an agency is something else. Comfort, good hotels and company. In return, places that you do not want to see, less experiences and shops that you would not have visited even at gunpoint, but the truth is that Jordan differs from many things for this type of travel. First, it is a small country and easy to travel, so the tourist routes are very well designed. In addition, being a country dedicated mostly to this sector, it looks very well prepared, so the offer is big and therefore it seems that they can lower costs if you travel in operators that have already set prices. The higher the volume, the better prices of course.

Best price

Let's keep in mind that operators charter airplanes for their packages, so flights are unbeatable in price if you travel with them. In addition, in many cases the rates are included, so you won't get a big scare when you see what they cost in high season.

In the case of hotels many of them feed on these packages and in high season they only welcome tourists coming from an agency. Normally, the best hotels go hand in hand with the agencies.

It's hard to feel alone

Less freedom

The main tourist entrances to Jordan are produced by sea and air, where it draws mainly from the great ocean liners that come by Aqaba and of the flights arriving by Amman, enough to flood Petra every day.

To go with agency is to coincide in the monuments with many other agencies and also, it is to overlap at the same times. For example, if you were free you could schedule your visit not to coincide with the arrival of the ships and thus not have to dodge in the canyons of Petra to the hordes of tourists.

As with everything you have to know choose the agency very well, since there are too many classic packages that are left half Jordan. We recommend that if you decide this medium you will ensure that:

  • You sleep in Wadi Rum and at least do a day trek. Nothing of walks in 4 × 4, which are good, but as “dessert”
  • VisitsPetra at least 2 days
  • Meet Jerash and the desert castles

The rest can be optional. Bathe in the Dead Sea It's funny, but it's dirty and we wouldn't call the place pretty. To end a trip through Jordan and sleep in one of the luxury hotels that are next to its shore, perfect, but nothing more.

Possibility of making great friends

A trip with an agency is to have an insured company. Spending so many hours together makes two things happen. Either you love them or you hate them. If it is the first case I assure you that you can make great friends and above all, you can fully enjoy the trip.

Dead Sea

Once we realize that it might not always be cheaper to go with an agency, now comes the question of choosing. Are you still in doubt?

Our conclusion

Traveling with an agency is not as terrible in a destination as Jordan if you choose the package very well. If you are not sure, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you get the budget to travel for free?
  • If you don't have it, do you have enough time to reduce costs by traveling on public transport for example?
  • Do you like to make all the decisions?

If one of the first two is YESJordan will be your destination to go for free. If you don't like to make all the decisions, don't hesitate, look for a reliable agency and enjoy Jordan. In any case do not fear, in part you can do things for free since there are agencies that give freedom in each destination. Besides, if we had to choose a destination to try to go with an agency, this would undoubtedly be Jordan.

The Treasury, Al-Khazneh

Travel insurance

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