Iceland by motorhome, car or bus


Iceland by motorhome, car or bus, are different ways to tour Iceland. Each one has its own way of traveling. The motorhome gives you that freedom, that means that allows you to sleep in not only amazing places, if not intimate. The car, especially the 4 × 4, gives you the opportunity to tour the interior of Iceland for its tracks and canyons, living the wildest experience. Finally the bus, the most economical but not by far the least adventurous. What would be your choice if you traveled to Iceland?

Iceland by motorhome, car or bus

Iceland is a very easy country to travel. Both in motorhome, car or bus they are all facilities, but you will have to decide at the end depending on the time you have, the budget and the desire to live more or less adventure. The trip we made to Iceland was by car, specifically in4×4, the medium that will allow you to reach the wildest corners of the island. Two weeks is the perfect duration, but only if you travel by own transport, car or motorhome. If your option is a bicycle or the bus, reserve more days, as you will need more time due to the schedules and the remoteness of a bus stop, as in the case of Haifoss, it would be your turn to walk a few kilometers ...

Iceland by car

1 Iceland in motorhome

Although on our first trip we did not get to rent a motorhome like in New Zealand, we can say that we miss it a lot. That of being able to sleep where you please is a pass, and more when Iceland as it happened in New Zealand any scenario was worthy successor of the best hotel where you have been. You can sleep next to a waterfall, a lake or a volcano as if you were in Mars. Is it the best way to travel to Iceland? For us if, without a doubt, but go saving friend, that Iceland is not a cheap country.

Working on the motorhome in New Zealand

Touring Iceland by motorhome will allow you to not only save time, but it can cost you more than you think. A motorhome has certain additional costs and you have to be very realistic so that you don't put your hands to your head. Note that:

  • It consumes more than a car, but the good thing is that Iceland is not very big
  • The rent is more expensive, but you save the hotels (on average € 100 - € 150 per night and without bathroom in many cases)
  • Sometimes you will go to the campsites to have electricity among other things
  • More people, cheaper. It is not the same to go four in a motorhome than four each night paying for two hotel rooms. Of course, two great, four are a crowd ...
  • Travel in Iceland in motorhome it is comfortable, yes, but remember that it is a large vehicle

In high season it is difficult to find hotels because of the limited offer, so many people choose hire hotels in advance or travel by motorhome

  • We recommend that you read: Our motorhome experience in New Zealand, tips that you can apply on a trip to Iceland.

2 Iceland by car

Traveling around Iceland by car was our first choice. Surely for the convenience of not depending on schedules and being able to reach places like the starry plane on the south side. He 4×4 It is the most convenient choice, another type of vehicle could not travel on the dirt roads or F, which are the ones that go outside the popular Ring road, the road that borders the entire island.

Renting a car is possibly the most demanded option after tour buses with closed tours, something we do not recommend. You neither live Iceland nor allow you to discover the most beautiful corners. Escape from these things… When we visit Iceland the freedom That gives you a car is unique, and more when a country like this calls you to live an adventure.

Crashed plane in Iceland

It is easy to drive in Iceland. There is little traffic, and although you can't move very fast, roads such as Ring Road are usually in good condition. If you get off the asphalt, things change, since F roads often cross rivers, find you snow, holes and many, many puddles. There's a lot reckless tourist Trying to travel part of these roads, but beware, the car insurance does not cover it and it is very common to see a crane pulling out more than one.

Since the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, which paralyzed half of Europe, many rental agencies include extra insurance, optional, in case of volcanic ash, something that damages the paint and especially the car engine. As recommendation If you rent a car, watch out for the wind. Iceland is the country of the air and the gales. It's a classic that the wind is the cause of much damage to rental cars, since it can end up tearing doors or damaging their hinge. Therefore, be careful when opening the car door if you see that there is a lot of wind….

We leave you a link where you can get up to 15% discount if you rent a car in Iceland.

3 Iceland by bus

Icelanders do things very well, but that if, in low season, time makes things very difficult. Out of theseason high You can find two major impediments to travel:

  • Roads cut by snow and maintenance free
  • Bus sections are cut

But when the good weather arrives, most of the roads are available to enjoy a country like this, covering the most important and distant areas of the island, therefore, buses begin to cover all routes. Reykjavik Excursions is the most famous bus company in Iceland. This company offers flat rates to move around the island without worrying about schedules or tickets, something similar to Inter Rail. For something more than 42,000 ISK you can travel the whole island in a comfortable bus and with WIFI. A good one low cost option.

Iceland by bus

Many of the travelers who opt for this type of transportation opt for the popular Circle Passport route that runs throughout the island, but there are also routes such as the Beautiful south circle for 22,000 ISK that runs through the best places in southern Iceland or the Highlights Passport for 46,500 ISK, with the most interesting points of the island.

You can buy any passport from the BSI Reykjavik Terminal Bus or from the official website.

On more than one occasion when traveling by car we approached buses to take advantage of their free WIFI connection 🙂

Frequently asked questions about Iceland

How are the roads in Iceland?

It is a joy to travel Iceland by motorhome or car, there are almost no cars! The landscapes are of such caliber that they help the kilometers to pass easily. Apartthere is little traffic, although there are no highways and it touches the road is always two-way.

In Iceland you drive on the right, as in Spain. Normally the roads that lead to the coast, with the Ring Road, are paved, but when you go inside the thing changes, and a lot, and usually they are dirt, the calls roads F.


Can you sleep where you want if you travel by motorhome?

Feel free, Iceland is to enjoy. Compared to New Zealand, the motorhome paradise, Iceland is not so prepared. There are campsites if, where you can condition, charge the battery and even fill the water tanks, but there are few, very few. Anyway, the motorhome, in our view, is designed to sleep where you want. Except in the center of the cities, there aren't many, you can camp or sleep wherever you want. Logically you can not stop along the road, unless there is an area enabled for it, but if you leave the main road and discover a beautiful place, do not hesitate, stay.

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